Corpse Republic

from by Ixpapalotl

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The sands of time are running ,Our minds degrade in pain
Depression – Unrest –Emotional Drain

They wear their gold and garments and cast their deadly spell
It spreads like plague upon the earth and brings us hell

He who breathes it dies and rises up again
And drags himself upon their throne and bows his head

This is a corpse republic, ran by the dead
and in their masters name

The Dead are walking – the Dead are voting
They are the ones supporting this fucking joke

Born to serve the masters and their wretched machine
They operate as tools of oppression
They maim and kill and and throw In jail their brethren and kin
And exercise the social control.

Eye for an Eye - I see behind the curtain
I see right through your lies
Eye for an eye - A truth beyond acceptance
A truth for all mankind

Every move they make against us Strengthens our will
To chop their fucking hands Right from their wrist.
We’ll raise the dead and make them See behind the deceit
And bring this fucking joke down with a drift.

There can be no exception There will be no regret
Warped and deranged in chaos We want your fucking head

Eye for an Eye -I see behind the curtain
I see right through your lies
Eye for an eye - a truth beyond acceptance
A truth for all mankind

Pleading of the dying And the burning stench
Of this corpse republic Coming to an end


from Corpse Republic, released January 1, 2013




Ixpapalotl Athens, Greece

Ixpapalotl have been playing since the late 90's and have just recently reunited forces to deliver the world some quality Death Metal / Grindcore music. We released our first EP under the title : "That of the Swamp"on June 2009 . Just recently we released our new work "Corpse Republic" , a seven track EP of pure death metal / grindcore violence. ... more

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