Ritual Freak

from by Ixpapalotl

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Dreamer,Human,Observer of things
You came upon yourself in the darkness

The thing you saw was eaten away by disease
It's eyes where Wells of sickening promise

Lidless , mocking, reeking of age
You’ve seen the thing before In your nightmares

You pound the dust and boil it
And mix it with your blood
And feel the surging power
To drive your demons back

Intoxicated and deranged
you ride the astral currents
Back and forth you sway
You cry for inner peace
Mind Flight beyond existence

Through Chaos tear apart the fabric of this world
The end is drawing

Through Chaos feast upon the flesh that binds your soul
The grave is calling

Serpents of uncreation
Craving your human soul
They wait for a stranded action
They aim at your weakest fucking Spot

Through Chaos tear upon the fabric of this world
The grave is calling

Screams beyond this world
They keep on calling
You find yourself unable to resist

Screams beyond this world
You keep on falling
Your withered soul compelled to join the bliss

​Tear your flesh,free your soul
Reagent of Uncreation
Disrupt the driving force
Bring down the fucking world


from Corpse Republic, released January 1, 2013




Ixpapalotl Athens, Greece

Ixpapalotl have been playing since the late 90's and have just recently reunited forces to deliver the world some quality Death Metal / Grindcore music. We released our first EP under the title : "That of the Swamp"on June 2009 . Just recently we released our new work "Corpse Republic" , a seven track EP of pure death metal / grindcore violence. ... more

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