Scorn the Law

from by Ixpapalotl

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Sitting on Thrones of Gold
Scums of the earth commune
Happiness inscribed on their face

Guarding their lives and goods
Stupid and bastard ghouls
A breed of cruel and murdering wraiths

Lead them to the end until the jaw locks the neck
Their eyes are pits of cancerous hatred
Lead them to the end , to the dead fucking end
And let them have a taste of the torments of hell

This war is unending and stretches beyond
the comprehension of an average man.
This war is upon me and i have the will
so come to me with every thing that you have

Come to me with all the hate , all the thirst for blood

Come and i will judge and find you guilty in my Court

Come to me, burn yourself, gasp for air and die

Come and i will split your chest , rip your fucking eyes

You came with thoughts of murder and enslavement
What's happening you could not have foreseen
Now look yourself convulsing on the pavement
And leave this world forgotten and unseen..

Over your wretched corpse hunger arises
Hunger to kill some more , kill a ghoul , kill 'em all
Over your wretched corpse hunger arises
Hunger to bathe in blood , hung your boss , kill your god

​The task is done , the ghouls cremated , in sacrificial flame
What where the odds, Gods, falling from their grace
And fade beyond in nothingness....


from Corpse Republic, released January 1, 2013




Ixpapalotl Athens, Greece

Ixpapalotl have been playing since the late 90's and have just recently reunited forces to deliver the world some quality Death Metal / Grindcore music. We released our first EP under the title : "That of the Swamp"on June 2009 . Just recently we released our new work "Corpse Republic" , a seven track EP of pure death metal / grindcore violence. ... more

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